Warm Evenings

There's projects afoot, and this is an exciting one. It's originated from the creative brain of my friend Brooke Russell and the team at The Aviary Studios, and I'll be a part of it. It's an album project where 10 Melbourne-based singer-songwriters perform each others songs for a compilation project entitled 'Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings'. It's meant to showcase the best alternative country/Americana songwriting that this city has to offer, so it's very nice to be asked to be a part of it. However, it also needs a bit of that ol' crowdfunding magic to get it off the ground, and pre-ordering a copy of the record (vinyl and digital download!) is just one way of being able to help. You can get more info here at the project's Pozible page, which has heaps of info about the project, and also lays out the different ways that you can be involved.

It's a great lineup of artists too, including:

Luke Sinclair (Raised by Eagles)
Joshua Seymour
James Kenyon
Suzannah Espie
Dan Waters
Tobias Hengeveld
Dan Parsons
Emilee South
Dan Parsons
Brooke Russell
and myself.

Check out the project video too:

Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated, so if you like the sounds of this project, please head over here to the Pozible page! Thank you!