'Canyons' just got a four star (out of five) review in The Australian today, which is awesome! Here it is in full:

Canyons - Chris Pickering
Resuscitation Records
4 stars

Between the guitar-drenched peaks of Canyons and The Wash, Melbourne-based Chris Pickering has constructed a richly detailed, one-man journey. A Morricone-esque guitar line at the beginning of the opening title track suggests the scope of Pickering’s vision and his impressive skill. He is capable of almost single-handedly creating captivating music in a variety of styles. His influences are impeccable: Neil Young comes to mind when his guitar goes into overdrive, Paul McCartney when the melodies get under your skin, Big Star with his DIY pop sensibility and even Rufus Wainwright at times. Recorded at Joshua Tree and Nashville in almost equal measure and separately co-produced by Adrian Mauro (Machine Age) and Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes), there is much space to highlight the playing. On Snowflake his fingerpicking is pitched against the steel of Michael Flanders. Savannah Jo Lack’s strings add a touch of class to Andalusia and when Pickering brings it down to voice and guitar on Broke My Own Heart the results are no less engaging. The album culminates with the 12-minute The Wash. It has a slow and casual build as if the end of the world has come after a heavy lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. “After all, it all comes out in the wash,” Pickering sweetly intones as Chloe Turner’s wordless chorus acts as a siren call. Flanders’ steel suggests a growing wind before Pickering’s powerful electric guitar dumps on everything like a tropical storm. A remarkable end to a remarkable recording.

Polly Coufos

Glad you liked it, Polly! Thank you! 

I'm playing my final show for the year next Thursday December 15th at The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick, with the band and with special guest Greg Cathcart from Silent Feature Era kicking off the night with a solo set. It's totally free and I'll also have fresh new copies of Canyons on CD available to purchase. 'Tis the season for giving, apparently...hint hint. You can also get Canyons from the online store part of this website.