I'm pretty stoked that my next show is going to be a part of The Leaps and Bounds Festival, staged by the Yarra Council over the next couple of weeks. On Tuesday July 12th, I'll be playing a few songs solo as part of one of two Songwriter nights at The Gasometer Hotel, and on the night I play I'll be joined by Alice Skye, Amaya Laucirica, Arun Roberts (Dirt Hand), Bob Harrow (Immigrant Union), Emily Ulman, Fiona Lee Maynard, Jack Howard, Jim Lawrie, and Laura Imbruglia. It'll be a great night of songwriter rounds, and some of the best local talent on display too.

I'll be doing another DJ set a couple of days after that too, at The Catfish in Fitzroy on Thursday July 14th from 8:00-11:00pm or thereabouts. Come and hear me spin some Blues, Psychedelica, Krautrock Jams, and music of the Sahara.

After that, my next show with the Experiment will be at The Standard in Fitzroy on Sunday July 24th. Two sets, no regrets.

Also, a very big thanks to the mighty Rockdogs FC for having me along at the Community Cup over last weekend. It's great to be part of such a magnificent team, and it was a great victory to boot. 

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