I'm up in Brisbane this week, and playing an album launch show at The Milk Factory on Friday September 23rd! You'll also get musical sets from the great Silent Feature Era, and a special once-in-a-blue-moon solo performance by Richard Johnston (Our Ithaca Creek). Cover's only $10, and it all kicks off at about 8:00pm. Come see me and the band kick it through our tunes in Brisbane for the only time this year.

The good people at The Northsider here in Melbourne featured me as one of their local artist profiles last week too. You can check it out here at their website.

If you haven't heard the new record yet, then you can do so by heading on over to the sounds page of this site and stream it - or if you want to support me (which would be great), you can buy and download it too.

Poster by the great Liam Eaton of Archer Illustrations.