I am having one of my pieces for String Quartet performed by The Flinders Quartet at a public concert at The Library on the Dock on December 5th at 6:00pm. I'm incredibly honoured and incredibly excited to hear it performed by such a fine group of chamber musicians. The Quartet are also performing works by up and coming Australian composers such as Matt Laing, Clare Johnston, Natalie Nicholas, and Ella Macens. If you wish to come along, it's free to do so (but a donation always helps if you can spare it), and you can book tickets here. 

If you aren't in Melbourne or nearby though, you will be able to livestream the performance when it's on, thanks to the wonder of the internet. It will be streamed from the Flinders Quartet website at http://www.flindersquartet.com/ so jump on there at 6:00pm on December 5th to check it out.

They also have a Pozible campaign going (which ends on November 21st!) to support the costs associated with the filming and livestreaming - so if you can help with even a little bit, that would be fantastic.

The next Experiment gig will be on Friday Dec 8th at The Retreat in Brunswick. We'll be supported by former Experimenter Ryan Brewer and his original project Silver Springs. It's our last gig for the year, so come along if you can.

CP at rehearsal with Flinders Quartet, October 31st, 2017.

CP at rehearsal with Flinders Quartet, October 31st, 2017.