What a year 2017 has been. We've played shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and numerous shows in our hometown of Melbourne too. I've also had one of my pieces for string quartet performed by one of Australia's finest string quartets, and written a bunch more pieces of chamber music that will be performed in the new year. It's been great. Sincere thanks to everyone who's bought, downloaded, or streamed our music, came to our gigs, or said nice things about us.

We'll be back in the new year with new music, more gigs, and will be trying to get out and about around the country again too. Our first show of the year is Sunday January 7th at The Standard in Fitzroy. 

As a holiday gift to you all, here's a complete version of one of our most recent gigs in Melbourne for you to listen to, and download if you like. It's complete with crowd noise, an out-of tune guitar at one point (that'll teach me to try and bend the strings too far whilst using a capo), and our special guest Ryan Brewer on keyboards. Hope you enjoy it.